December 31, 2018

Fonzie Cuaycong

This deck of premium, air-linen finished, poker-size playing cards is inspired by Lebron’s historic line of signature shoes. The design of the cards reflects the beauty of each sneaker, as well as some iconic imagery from Lebron’s illustrious career.

Each model of Lebron’s signature shoes correlates to the rank of the card, starting with the Air Zoom Generation as the Ace, to the Lebron 13 as the King. Four unique Jokers depict various stages of Lebron’s career.

The box was meant to evoke the feeling of opening a new box of Lebron sneakers. The single tray box features a shining gloss linen finish with a textural illustration lining the interior.

Designer : Fonzie Cuaycong

Locality : New York, NY USA

Project : King Cards