December 16, 2018

Cristina Reverté

Mars is the new tangible frontier for human exploration, and it’s an achievable goal. There are challenges to pioneering Mars, but we know they are solvable. We are well on our way to getting there, landing there, and living there.

The Earth Lab is a modular shop in Mars that will provide Earthlings with a wide range of items of well-designed products so they do not forget where they come from.

Memories relating to an event are scattered across the brain’s sensory centres but marshalled by a region called the hippocampus. If one of the senses is stimulated to evoke a memory, other memories featuring other senses are also triggered.

Imagine a nice day on the beach. The smell of sun lotion, the friends you were with, the beer you were drinking; any of these could trigger memories of the whole thing.

That’s the beauty of our memory system.

For my project I chose the senses most related to memories: smell, taste, sight and sound.

THE SMELLS COLLECTION is a kit that contains four scents: FOREST, SEA, CITY and RAIN. You can connect these scents to your Mars Suit for the full experience.
THE TASTE COLLECTION is a collection of the Earth’s best flavors, made with carefully selected ingredients to guarantee the exquisite taste that will stimulate your sensory senses to evoke memories you thought you had lost forever.
THE SIGHT&SOUND COLLECTION is important. Let’s not forget audio and video here.
When you connect your Sight&Sound USB to your Mars Suit, your helmet visor screen transforms into an immersive VR helmet and it replicates the Earth landscape. This in-depth virtual experience makes it feel like you’re actually there.
Audio is crucial in this experience. For example: in one of the scenes we have a… rain storm. Without hearing that rainstorm, surrounding it, feeling it coming from left and right… it would be incomplete. You don’t just see the Earth, you feel it and you hear it, you are surrounded by it!


Designer : Cristina Reverté

Locality : Barcelona, Spain

Project : The Earth Lab