December 23, 2018


SKIN VOYAGE While execution the project, we define the uniqueness and value of VOYAGE in the marketing, concepts including styling, color, touch and idea of packaging design. The packaging has a low-profile and minimalist visual design. surface like a smooth velvet film touch. interlocking pattern of circles conveys the soapy foam. The product made from 17 in one of natural ingredients, printing on box cover, It’s bold and confident that consumers can count on me choose VOYAGE. Useful grade nano gold foil which is blended into soap used as a black and stylish gold color foil design hardcover gift box and accompanying small box, offer different choices for home or travel, presenting the scientifically developed high-end cleansing soap brand VOYAGE. VOYAGE in French means to travel. We hope to bring relaxation and comfort to your skin, and let your skin get closer to nature.
Printing Olala?Flexography?Gold stamping?Spot Varnish Paper?Handmade Boxes

Other Collaborators:
Packaging Design / ?????? 7428DesignStudio ? Kerwin Jhang
Packaging Production / ???????? Haoli Packaging Co., LTD.

Promote Taiwan’s local new brand and jointly develop packaging design for international high-end products with customers.

What makes a good packaging design?
In-depth understanding of customer brand and product features, and create a good packaging design with a minimalist and bold style.

Is there any existing packaging design, could be your own work or others’ you would like to redesign it?
7428DesignStudio is actively involved in the transformation of Taiwan’s local brand or boutique product packaging design update.

About 7428DesignStudio
We are from Taipei brand designer, studio name concept is designer born 1985 years and at age of 28, founded 7428DesignStudio. Collection of design creation and life experience from 1985 to 2013 has been transform into minimalist style.
7 x 4 = 28 is a formula, logic and answer. minimalist, agile thinking logic combines different forms; finds its own computing method and answer for branding. Black and white color is classic and more minimalist use, returning the design to based; enriching your brand with colorful, becoming next a generation of classics.
Branding Design / Creative Packaging / Design Consultant / CIS / Mix & Match

Designer : 7428DesignStudio

Locality : Taipei, Taiwan

Project : SKIN VOYAGE ? Flawless Natural Soap