December 2, 2018

12 points

ET SPIRITUS is sure that the flavor is insufficient without the nature of the material. ET SPIRITUS offers a new concept of niche home perfumes. The collection was inspired by nature, alchemy of natural components of fragrances and materials like stone, minerals, metals, ceramics. Handcrafted body in small batches of vials store intensively clean, rich compositions to evoke memories that refer to the natural aromas and smells found in the nature of mountain rivers, smoky forests and spices.

Materials for products are carefully selected and present components collected from different parts of the world: oils are delivered from France, lava is mined in Greece, coral is collected in Indonesia, marble is delivered from Pakistan. Hand-crafted hexagons are covered with special compositions with copper and blackening to reflect the beauty of shapes and textures even more.

All ET SPIRITUS products are environmentally friendly as they are made from natural ingredients and recyclable materials. Aromas based on a mixture of pure natural essential oils extracted from plants by cold pressing, steam or vacuum distillation. Candles are made from natural wax without paraffin, phthalates or any other chemical additives. Cotton wicks do not contain harmful impurities.

Designer : 12 points

Locality : Moscow, Russia

Project : Et Spiritus