December 18, 2017


“Cap de Flors”, translated in English from Catalan as “Flower head” is one of the firsts wine references of Heretat J.S Arnan cellars, a Spanish cellar based in El Penedés (Barcelona). One wine created to express the power and singularity of his grape variety, named Xarelo, and the soil where the grapes grows. For our label design, we wanted to create one recognozible character with two of the most relevant wine scents, flowers, combined with his elegancy, freshness, persistance and herbal notes. To end the design, we used one special Fedrigoni paper to put importance in the texture, with a detail in briliant resin in his flowers and head, playing with the color balance to give more life and warm colors
to the flower parts.

Creative Agency : Veintemillas

Locality : Barcelona, Spain

Project : Cap de Flors