December 21, 2017

The collaborators

Boundless – activated nuts and seeds in fierce flavours such as Tamari and Aleppo Chilli – needed to develop a brand to challenge and disrupt the health snack category. Founders Cathy and Katie approached The Collaborators to create a stand out identity from scratch, along with distinctive packaging design and web presence. The founders’ fearless approach and ancient techniques based on Aboriginal activation methods dictated a bold style from the start. The design team developed a contemporary tribal look using colourful mask designs that incorporated the Syrian, Polynesian and North American flavour influences. It was important that these designs were abstract and versatile enough to keep evolving with the founders’ unlimited appetite for new exciting flavours and ideas. To add edge, single serve packs were designed to literally have a glint in their eyes. Printed on silver foil, a section of the eye featured in each mask design remains print free to allow a slither of silver to shine through.

Creative Agency : The collaborators

Locality : UK

Project : Boundless