December 22, 2017


Gü Puds have launched a new sharing product to deliver a high quality, indulgent sharing dessert for the festive season, designed by Springetts Brand Design. The ‘party pack’ of six Gü ganache pots in a box is currently being rolled out.
Gü wanted to achieve true standout on shelf through both the unique piece of structural packaging and a celebratory, festive design showing off the ultimate chocolate indulgence inside.
Springetts Senior Designer, Sophie Burt, says, “We wanted to create something that people would be proud to take as a thank you so we explored a range of print finishes to really highlight the premium nature of the products.  Foil blocked elements introduce a festive element.  The subtle gloss background pattern has been designed to reference the shape of the pots and the sharing occasion.”
People nowadays take desserts to friends’ houses as a thank you for the invitation and currently there is only a limited selection of new and exciting desserts on offer. Gü want to bring something different to the sharing desserts category. As well as offering a packaging structure that is easy to carry and fuss-free, it also ensures little risk of ruining the dessert pots inside.

Creative Agency : Springetts

Locality : London, UK

Project : Gü Puds