December 14, 2017

Muhammad Nadeem & Sweekar Shetty.

Maskaa is a Hindi word which means salted butter. It has its origins from ancient India dating back to 1500-2000 B.C.E. So, the branding has been done in a way to capture the essence of classic Indian style in making of butter by our ancestors.

It is a classroom project by Sweekar Shetty and Muhammad Nadeem directed to solve the problems associated with butter packaging. The groundbreaking challenge has been figured out by multiple brainstorming sessions and through keen observations among the users.

The project aims towards re-designing an existing butter packaging by making it more efficient, user-friendly, and sustainable in terms of material and feasibility.

The final package solves the above-mentioned problems and also enhances the user’s experience from the existing ones.

Creative Agency : Muhammad Nadeem & Sweekar Shetty

Locality : MIT Institute of design – Pune.

Project : Maskaa