June 11, 2017

Estudio Maba

Maquinon was already provided with an identity. A small Smoking Robot built in the 60s, who once seemed powerful and robust, with a disturbing twist and smoke exhaled through his mouth.
The seemlier spoke of a clean and bright red. The style we were pursuing was clear, the pop comic of the 60s, the same decade of the appearance of the robot in homes. We had to dust the small object and make it shine more than ever.

The character is an illustration of short lines and flat colors full of life. Typefaces that convey movement and character. The finishes do the rest. Inks that varnish and sweeten the graphics and touch.

Clean and bright … like a small bulb that glows in the dark. In case someone loses it.

The design of Maquinon 2015 won the Bronze A’Design Award Winner in Packaging Design Category, 2016-2017.

Designer : Estudio Maba

Locality : Murcia, Spain

Project : Design wine label, packaging, illustration, photography.