December 4, 2017

Maria Rodriguez - Design

Packaging and branding design for Miel Picu Moros, a honey company based in Asturias, Spain.Miel Picu Moros is an artesanal and high quality honey, which is 100% natural and is made with a traditional and responsable production.With our design we try to make a really high standing packaging which can stand out on the shops and catch the costumer’s attention. The black lines make the product really recognizable as it easily reminds the bees characteristic lines. We use saturated colors that contrast with the black lines, and which help people to differ the different flavors: eucalyptus, heather or chestnut.
Regarding the typography, we use a sans-serif font in order to make it smart, and we mix it with a hand drawn font which gives the idea of artisanal product.

Creative Agency : Miel Picu Moros

Locality : Gijón, Asturias, Spain

Project : Miel Picu Moros