December 25, 2017

Luko Designs

Established in the Spring of 2016, Rosie’s™ Dog Company is on a mission to make all dogs healthy and happy, be it furry friends who have homes or ones still hoping to find theirs. Every delicious treat sold helps promote and raise funds for animal rescues nationwide. They thoughtfully source the highest quality ingredients and make all their treats in the USA. Helping all dogs get their forever homes is an ambitious goal.  Their old packaging wasn’t working in the marketplace, with no sales they were desperate for a revamp.  Their branding needed to reflect the retro vibe from the 1940’s Rosie the Riveter poster (also the logo), bringing a sense of vintage Americana to their packaging.  We gave them a modern feel combined with the retro feel and now they are getting not only compliments from their co-packer but from major national buyers who are rushing to sign them on as well as the old ones who turned them down initially for their old packaging.

Creative Agency : Luko Designs

Locality : Los Angeles, California

Project : Rosie’s