December 20, 2017

Estudio DSB

The history
After a few years, a family of oil producers, more specifically the fourth generation, decided to go one step further in the production of their oils; trusting the next generation to develop their corporate identity. Thanks to a productive olive grove and an oil processing plant equipped with the latest technology, they have reached a point where they produce high quality extra virgin olive oil.

After a long investigation and decisions to make, as its name indicates its origin is the result of this generation that with much effort developed and fulfilled the dream pursued for several generations. Its name communicates the trajectory of a long tradition and experience in the production of this fruit. His oil represents the effort. An effort earned and worked for years, a pride for this family and its clients; to always offer the best quality available.

The combination of its branch and its family of four generations (olives) represented in its isologotype, with fine and elegant lines, together with a typography that marks the trajectory and history of this oil, both in relief with golden stamping, are the perfect composition to represent this company.

From the beginning, I knew that packing costs should be kept low. That basically meant there were limitations to the type of bottle we could choose. Therefore, we went for the classic glass and pet bottle. A label that covers part of the bottle was designed. Black for Extra Virgin oil has an important role; communicates the solidity, elegance, and above all quality of the product, being the golden details protagonists of the container, without being noisy; in contrast the white was chosen for the Virgin oil.

Creative Agency : Estudio DSB

Locality : Argentina

Project : Cuatro Generaciones