December 12, 2016

Studia Creata

Brandy category in Lithuania is very masculine. In order to become more competitive and distinguished, we decided to re-position GLORIA brand as brandy for women. Although the main shopper in the category is man, women make around 53% of brandy consumers.
Trying to determine what attributes could represent femininity and also fit premium brandy category image, we came up to a picture of an elegant lady with glamorous red dress. It became our inspiration for creating the new outlook of GLORIA brandy. Providing attributes as sophistication, elegance and self-confidence, giving warmth, softness and a feminine shape, we aimed to make the brand more outstanding and French looking. Enriched with elegant details and delicate background print, new GLORIA Classique VSOP exposes vivid youthful charm, and matured GLORIA De Luxe XO emphasises the subtle elegance of the festive evening.

Creative Agency : Studia Creata

Locality : Vilnius, Lithuania

Project : Gloria Brandy

Designer : Asta Kaušp?dait?
 Photos : Edgaras Marozas