June 19, 2018

Dasha Danilycheva

«Corns of revolution» is a branding & design project of package for different corns. Corns are that type of food that usually is connected with anticonsumerism, pure nature and rebellious mood. You would not picture Che Guevera eating luxurious food, it will always be something like lentils. So, the decision was to put up various revolutioners with different sorts of grains together and to make the simple product a true rebellious attribute.
Designer created a unique name of the product, it’s idea and slogans. Each revolutioner chants slogan holding spoon, for example, Rose Luxembourg goes with «Open wide here comes the equality». Phrase «Open wide here comes the…» refers to baby feeding and says that if you eat Corns of Revolution you will grow into a strong rebellious revolutioner.
Design reflects marginal and seditious mood, there are bright colors, torn paper, lettering done by a felt-tip pen. Middle of each spoon is cutted out revealing a product that is inside. The big «R» (coRns, Revolution) resembles a sickle cutting a spike.


Designer :Dasha Danilycheva

Locality : Moscow, Russia

Project : Corns of Revolution