January 28, 2018


Packaging Redesign
These Uruguayan wines come from a wine cellar family that decided to open their own warehouse. The story tells about Don Manuel, a winemaker who went from having everything to being a nobody. Thus, in his view, we are all “nobodies” (Nadies) at some point in life. This play on words refers to a poem by the great Eduardo Galeano and in this way the name of the winery is born.
The packaging emphasizes the leathery texture and also the irregular cut of the label alludes to this material’s cut. Typographies and finishes are new, but inspired by the signage of the 20th century. The design represents the past, polished for the present.
Undoubtedly, millennials feel captivated by the history of these wines and even they identify with them. One of the things that most draws their attention is the stamp that distinguishes each wine, made in clear lacquer.
“Ímpetu” (Momentum) represents the winemaker, his strength, push and energy that he puts day by day in his work and in his life. Its stamp is a heart.
“Equilibrio” (Balance) represents the winemaker’s wife. It is her harmony, moderation, good sense. Its stamp is the Uruguayan flower, the mburucuyá, better known as Pasionaria.
“Arrullo” (Lullaby) is a wine made to fall in love. It’s the couple themselves. Its stamp is a bonfire, representing the fire of passion.

Creative Agency : Caliptra

Locality :  Mendoza, Argentina

Project : Los Nadies Bodega Almacén