April 11, 2017

Matthew Tager

“THE AFRICANIS – IS THE REAL AFRICAN DOG Shaped in Africa by natural selection, for Africa. It is a part of the cultural biological heritage of Africa. That is how we embody Capital Brew. Capital Brew is a craft beer that encapsulates the true roots of the South African culture. It is a beer that can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere. The packaging portrays three different flavors of beer namely, Black IPA, Honey Weiss and an Amber Ale. The project has primary packaging as well as Secondary bulk packaging. The project makes use of as few material as possible in order to be as economically friendly as possible. The tags on the lid tell the consumer what the beer tastes like e.g. Malty, hoppy or sweet. The beer comes in 500ml bottles. The bulk packaging comes in threes. Each beer flavor has a specific color to match the brew and further makes use of only black and white. This is a reflection of the two races in South Africa and the color provides a metaphor of coming together to create the rainbow nation South Africa is commonly referred to. The Slogan for Capital Brew is “Bigger bark, Bigger brew”. The advertising campaigns tagline is “Man’s best friend”. “

Designer :  Matthew Tager

Locality : Pretoria, South Africa

Project : Capital Brew

Packaging Contents : Beer Packaging

Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Printing Process: Digital Printing