March 23, 2020

Izvorka Juric / Design Bureau

EkoBrachia – organic extra virgin olive oil, a special edition of Brachia premium olive oil product line, top quality and of organic origin. The identity of the product is based on the simplified elements of Brachia identity, using only two colors (white and green), together with the color of paper. The basic element is the artwork of olive leaves (part of Brachia visual identity), produced by cutting the label in such way that they give the impression of «sticking out» from a flat surface into the surrounding area, thus becoming three-dimensional-illustrating the natural/organic olives coming from Brachia. The label is screen-printed on 100% recycled paper (Keaykolour Camel), with illustrations of olive leaves that are lifted from the label in the surrounding area, making the otherwise flat label spacious (2D to 3D). A particularly good effect is achieved on the shelf, where arranging a large number of bottles into a line results in a larger number of lifted giving an impression of playfulness, emphasizing the element of naturalness.

Location : Zagreb, Croatia

Project : eko Brachia product identity