May 18, 2020

formascope design


“Our products are premium dried fruits with no additives, preservatives or sugar. Unique drying process allows the fruit to be soft, rich in natural flavor and vitamins. We want to create a journey for buyers from the moment their eyes catch the packaging on shelves to enjoying every bite they take, to encourage them to replace our fruits to unhealthy snacks”


Keeping in mind that the product is organic, premium, and without any chemicals, it was decided to show the natural flower to fruit process, without any complication. The stages of flower to fruit process are pollination, fertilization, growth, development, and finally the ripening. The next stage in the process is fruit to dried fruit transformation, which is already inside the package. The brand name was chosen to be Raw Grow. “Raw” means in a natural state. So, “Raw Grow” means grown without having gone through any chemical process and without anything artificial.

Designer : formascope design

Location : Yerevan, Armenia

Project : Raw Grow fruits