March 24, 2020

Andrea Pinter

ANANAS is an organic cafe, located on the island of Bali, where people are just occupied by the nature beauties. The cafe is located exactly in the city of Ubud, where the Balinese culture begins. Here the people can buy lots of organic fruits and vegetables on the local markets, and tourists can feel the Balinese Hindu tradition everywhere. My goal was to create a memorable logo which reflects the historic approach and spirit of Bali. The mark promotes a healthy life style and positive energy. I’ve chosen a golden, caramel color, which represents the quality in their homemade, organic products. ANANAS offers a story behind the brand and help their customers live in a harmony with nature, body and soul. All packages have a rich traditional hint, inspired by a combination of the culture and Balinese cuisine, so the visitors can bring a little piece of Bali back home.

Designer : Andrea Pinter

Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Project : Balinese Ananas – Organic cafe