May 7, 2021

A' Design Awards & Competition - Winners

A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest, influential and extremely prestigious award. It is open to submissions from entries in 110 categories. Each category has a distinct evaluation and submission criteria.

The Laureates of the A’ Design Award & Competition get fame, prestige, recognition, credibility, publicity and international awareness, in addition to a comprehensive and extensive winners’ kit which includes everything you could potentially need to celebrate the success of winning the A’ Design Award.

The results of the year 2020-2021 were announced on April 15 with 2094 Winners from 108 countries in 104 different design disciplines.

At the end of this post you can find some of the best winner works of the year 2020-2021. You might recognize some of them that are also published on Favourite Design !
You can find all the winners here

Entries to the 2021-2022 competition is now open, you can submit your works at https://competition.adesignaward.com

I you want more information about A Design Award, follow this link : http://www.whatisadesignaward.com

Navid Ghandili

Chris Chen

PepsiCo Design and Innovation

Litete Brand Design

Kaoru Mizuno

Shawn Goh Chin Siang

Elephant Design and Himalaya Wellness

Pufine Advertising Ltd. Co.

Nicholas McMillan

GarryVeda Design Bureau

PepsiCo Design and Innovation

Estudio Maba

Eva Van der Borght

Tingting Wang

Bloom GmbH Nuernberg

Toshiki Okada

Jimmy Chew

Li Huang

Kris Lin

3h Architects Ltd.

Dante Luna

Jessica Zhengjia Hu

Egemen Kemal Vurusan

Jinying Cheng


Arome Agency

Yang Bing and Hao Liyun