February 15, 2021

A' Design Awards & Competition - Last Call for Entries

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A’ Design Award and Competition is the worlds’ largest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts and products & services. A’ Design Award highlight, Advertise & Advocate good design, designers and design oriented companies for a better future. It provides a fair, ethical and competitive platform for companies, designers and innovators from all fields with different experience levels, different disciplines and market focus to compete on.

The A’ Design Award is given to best designs; both concept stage, prototype or finished products are accepted.

The Grand A’ Design Award International Jury Panel is composed of design professionals, press members and academics. Find more information here.

Here are some examples of the Design Competition Categories :
Product Design Award
Communication Design Award
Packaging Design Award
Graphic Design Award
Print Design Award
Further design award categories are available here.

The Laureates of the A’ Design Award & Competition get fame, prestige, recognition, credibility, publicity and international awareness, in addition to a comprehensive and extensive winners’ kit which includes everything you could potentially need to celebrate the success of winning the A’ Design Award (including the 3D Printed Metal A’ Design Award trophy in Black Luxury Box, the annual yearbook, printed design excellence certificate in metal frame…)

The Grand A’ Design Award International Jury Panel is composed of academics, design professionals and press members.  Find more information here.

Nominate your Design Here !
Deadline for submission is February 28. Winners and results will be announced on Favourite Design on May 1st.

Here are somme of the A’ Packaging Design Award 2019 – 2020 Period Winners :

Backbone Branding

Leng Chen

Wen Liu and Bo Zheng

Alexander Chin

GarryVeda Design Bureau

PepsiCo Design and Innovation

Estudio Maba

Pierre Delebois - forceMAJEURE Design

Bloom GmbH Nuernberg

Estudio Maba

Qidan Yan

Bxl Jupiter Team

Chung-Yuan Kuo, Wei-Jen Huang and Ann Ching

Juntao Liu

Xiaofei Liu