August 1, 2022

This & That Studio - Deepa Chauhan and Marmik Patel

Discover the interview of Deepa Chauhan and Marmik Patel founders of This & That Studio:

How did you become designer?

Becoming a designer was something that came quite naturally to us but hands-on learning in school had a huge influence on the years that came after it. We majored in Product and Communication Design, and share a common passion for colour, typography, illustration and more artistic areas. We then found This&That as we had similar aspirations and wanted to do the same thing and have worked together ever since.

How would you define your vision of design, your style? 

We aim to come up with fresh and memorable designs with an approach to conceptual thinking, and value ideas before aesthetics to communicate effectively. Personal projects have always been a huge source of strength in our work. They give us freedom of self-expression, style and allow us to explore, improvise, and solidify our thoughts and beliefs.
However, we always believe that our style and work should keep evolving with time. Thus, we are always open to new ideas, innovation and change.

For the future, what are your professional projects?

Every project offers a new opportunity that opens a whole new world to us. We enjoy diving into projects that allow us to do both art direction and visual design for different product ranges. We like to launch our projects in this direction while popularising our approach, as we collaborate with clients around the world and execute each project with the vision to create simple and memorable solutions and experiences.

What do you like the most in your job?

In our journey as a designer, we love that our visuals resonate with the audience more than words can and make a lasting impact. The whole creative process creates a new experience for us, with every challenge we take. We enjoy practising design in many different roles and riding different waves while telling stories to evoke solid emotional feelings as if every brand is a person, with character, taste, and aspirations.