October 18, 2021

Tea for two

Discover the interview with Tea for two :

How did you become designer ?

Tea for Two is a graphic design studio created in Madrid in 2003 by Paloma Losada (project manager) and Jorge Palomar (creative director). Jorge was a prominent member of the alternative zine scene in the 90s and his interest in graphic design begun there. Meanwhile Paloma was experimenting with her Minolta camera so it was an obvious idea to come along and form their own studio.
We both put a tender loving care into ensuring that the companies who rely on us achieve effective, honest and emotionally impactful communications both online and offline. We have just celebrated our eighteenth anniversary of helping brands in different sectors to find their own voice, accompanying them on the exciting journey of transmitting the essence of their brand and their products to their consumers.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ? 

Our work is based on understanding the needs of our clients and resolving them graphically and proactively. We take care to listen, as this is the best way of fully appreciating their products and services, and once we have understood their communication needs we take the reins of the project, which is the touchstone of our work.
We believe in an all-embracing design concept that allows us to help our clients at every point along the way, with the aim of optimizing the different elements of their communications such as corporate identity, website development, product packaging and many other aspects.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

To keep growing. We will have new clients who will join the “long-time” clients that remain satisfied with our work. In addition to the sectors in which we have traditionally worked – restaurants and music – we are very excited to expand our portfolio by incorporating packaging designs for companies that appreciate our careful and detailed work.

What do you like the most in your job ?

To work on projects in which we have fulfilled the objectives set by our clients: make their offer more attractive to their customers, help them convey their brand values, increase the visits to their page, the sales of their products, …
Obviously when a client congratulates us enthusiastically we party. And we’ve celebrated a bunch of them …

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