February 21, 2022

Srdjan Vidakovic

Discover the interview of Srdjan Vidakovic:

How did you become designer?

In 2012, a very good friend of mine told me to check out platform called “99designs”. At the time, I didn’t know nothing about graphic design, freelancing or anything like that. I learned to use some programs for design and drawing on my own, just for fun. So, I entered one contest at 99designs with no expectations at all, just to give it a try. But as fate would have it, I won that very first contest and so began my career as a designer.

How would you define your vision of design, your style? 

My work can be characterized as vintage, with a sense of the old-world craftsmanship; being emphasized by the unique approach and special dedication to all the little details that make a design extraordinary.

For the future, what are your professional projects?

I’m working, and will continue to work in the future, mostly on packaging projects. That includes: spirit and beer labels, tea packaging, playing cards, book covers etc. If I could choose, in the future, I would love to work on a Cuban style cigar packaging ( with box, labels, etc. ), that would be so good.

What do you like the most in your job?

Freedom! Freedom to choose how much will I work and who I’ll work with. Lately, I often have a freedom to shape the whole project, in terms of art direction, product concept and naming, etc. So, most of the project that I’m working on feels like a personal projects and that is simply amazing.