February 4, 2019

Purim Phansuwannakee

Discover the interview of Purim Phansuwannakee, located in Songkhla, Thailand.

How did you become designer ?

Due to my personal preference, I love artworks since I was a child and my family support me. I had many chances to learn and make many artworks. When I grew up, I decided to study in design program in bachelor degrees. After my graduation, I practiced and learned many experiences from my work. And now, I am the owner of the design company “ Forward Design Studio”.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

I work under the analysis and learn about the consumer behavior by doing on the concept and reason. Moreover, I try to look for the clients and what they need to be. I also hope every job is perfect and makes them satisfied.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

I have an idea about improving the packaging and branding work for the clients in my city. And now I succeed in it, but I have the another thing to do in the near future. I need to share experiences and do the workshop to the new generations and entrepreneurs for making them understand in the values of design works.

What do you like the most in your job ?

In my opinion, I think every job that I made has its own stories and reasons. Each job also has its identities and values. Therefore, I cannot tell which one is the best and my favourite.

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