February 22, 2021

Priscylla PSN Design

Discover the interview of Priscylla PSN Design :

How did you become a designer?

I started as a designer since I graduated in 2011 in Graphic Design from UTFPR (Federal Technological University of Paraná). Over the years I have been improving and updating myself in sporadic courses, lectures and events in the areas of Brands and Packaging. I always did internships, I participated in design contests, two of which I took 1st, one second and the other one of the finalists. Then I started working for design agencies. These jobs and projects made me acquire enough experience to start serving some clients as a freelancer, outside of business hours. In other words, I worked at the agency during the day and, at night and on weekends, I worked for myself, as a freelance designer. I was in this (almost insane) routine for about 6 years, attracting good and big customers for PSNDesign. In June 2016 I planned financially to leave the agency and work exclusively as an Independent Designer. Since then I have been working in the home-office style as an Independent Graphic Designer, focused on the areas of branding (branding and visual identity) and packaging labels.


How would you define your design vision, your style?

I believe that my design style is a minimalist but also organic design … I like to use a lot of texture, colors. I like to work on projects as if they were for myself. I apply a lot of research and commitment during research and creation, to try to find the perfect solution for each client. I believe that where there is passion there can be no superficiality. This is important for any project you are participating in. If you have passion, you work hard, wearing the client’s shirt, applying empathy, leaving no room for superficiality.

For the future, what are your professional projects?

I have some projects on the way and whenever a new project enters I challenge myself to improve, change the way of thinking, bring different partnerships, different solutions. So I can change, evolve, grow. Some new projects are coming out around the world, in addition to projects within Brazil itself, work is also being done in countries like Paraguay, Chile and the USA.

You can follow her work on Instagram : psndesign