April 26, 2021

PG Brand Reforming

Discover the interview of PG Brand Reforming :

How did you become a designer?
Mine and our team vision of design is pretty simple: there is a lot misunderstanding how design should looks like, but we know that design must work at the first place. If it’s works, if it’s stylish and you feel that your sense of beauty isn’t harassed — this is what we call a proper design.


How would you define your design vision, your style?
My future is clear to me: we thriving and our aim is to have a strong presence at the all continents and penetrate their markets with strong and our recognized design expertise.

For the future, what are your professional projects?
Challenge. This is everything. Challenge makes us better, helps us to develop our professional deeds and never lose attention to what is happening around us. To be in the leading edge and just one step behind the ability to predict future. Freedom to creating future with our own hands – this is what I like the most.

You can discover him on Instagram : pg_reforming