February 15, 2021

Patrick Plourde

Discover the interview of Patrick Plourde from Ezi Agency :

How did you become designer?

I have always drawn, therefore, always known that I would have a career in arts or other related profession where I could flourish in that field. So, after high school I enrolled in the Art program and then applied to University Laval in graphic communication. The good thing about the college curriculum, and the fact that computers weren’t essential in our field yet, was that they taught us to develop our advertising creative side instead of teaching us to master software. Study of the spaces between elements, drawing, creation of advertising campaign with handmade storyboards, all of this made me love the advertising field and allowed me to meet my future partner with whom I have shared my passion for over 20 years! When we graduated, we joined forces with another friend of ours to open our first advertising agency. In 2006, Philippe and I left this agency to open EZI Wine, an agency specializing in wine marketing.

How would you define your design vision, your style?

EZI is specialized in wine and spirits packaging, and I don’t think that we have “a” style per se, but rather a philosophy: creating strong brands that will not necessarily win design awards but that will perform well in sales. Building brands where our client can feel involved in order to create a strong brand that will stand out on the shelves according to the product category. Each packaging mandate, whether in Quebec or anywhere else in the world, is a different and unique mandate.

What are your professional goals for the future?

Our goal is for EZI Wine to become a global reference in the wine and alcoholic beverage industry. The only way to achieve that is to keep on reinventing ourselves and pushing the limits to refine our craft more and more with every new project in order to create world renown brands.

What do you like the most about your job?

I am passionate with everything related to the wine and spirits industry. Our field of expertise allows us to travel all over the world in search of inspiration but also to meet our customers directly on site, at their vineyards or their distillery, for example. We get to share unique moments by tasting their products and thus forge friendship. The packaging business is fascinating. Seeing our label come to life with all the effects of varnish, stamping, tablet embossing is a source of pride. There’s nothing better for us than to see people at the store grabbing one of our products and putting it in their basket; that’s when you know the job is done!