October 10, 2022

Nermin Nino Kasupovi? - Effect Agency

Discover the interview of Nermin Nino Kasupovi? – Effect Agency :

How did you become designer?

I believe that love for arts has developed in my early childhood during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The time we spent in shelters we did drawings and sketches, making up our own comic books, looking up to one of our neighbours that was already master of this art. In this period I got more interested in art in general and I started education in Fine Arts and dreamed of a career as a painter. While growing, I understood that I am more attracted to graphical advertising so I continued education in that field which revealed a whole different world of opportunities in graphic design. The fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina had very little good quality graphic design, helped me work hard on a daily basis to develop my own talents and various disciplines. Main goal was to help companies in my area to have the best possible designer solutions. Today though, my agency and I mainly work for international clients.

How would you define your vision of design, your style? 

In fact, I have never really thought of myself as an author, owning personal style or even really understanding the need for the same. Since I am primarily focused on the brands from the FMCG industry, we try to create their own visual language and personality to communicate with their consumers. If I have to define my style then I would call it a sort of scandinavian minimalism and balkans warmth (hand drawing, vintage, retro).

For the future, what are your professional projects?

My goal would be to specialize our agency in the packing design field and to create brands in the food/beverage/luxury category. We are currently working on projects for our clients in Sweden, Holland, Great Britain, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia but we have aspirations to further expand our market. However, as I mentioned at the beginning I would still like to have more projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so we could help our homeland companies to provide more quality packing and clear visual communication.

What do you like the most in your job?

I am, in fact, very much in love with creative processes. I love to analyse and develop new brands and to, so to say, give new life to them. Creating an identity you have created a new life. We have that opportunity to help brands attract customer attention and to win them over for good. To wrap up, we believe that graphic design is not just a job. It is a mindset.