May 4, 2020

Michal Suday and Nadav Shtreimer

Discover the interview of Michal Suday and Nadav Shtreimer in Hod Hasharon, Israel.

How did you become designer ?

Michal: I have been creating and making art ever since i can remember, I came from a creative family – my sister is a well known artist, and my dad is a sculpture. After i graduated from Bezalel Academy of arts i have worked in one of the leading design offices in Israel for almost 15 years, i have opened my own studio in 2007.
Nadav: pretty much same, i have been making art and have been interested in design since i was very young,
after finishing Shenkar Academy for design in 2010 i have joined Michal, and been a part of the studio since, in the past 5 years as a partner.


How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

Michal: i love everything Authentic, i believe that each brand that we design must tell it’s own individual authentic story.
in the design process we always aspire to create new and interesting graphic languages, to be bold and unique.
we as designers are basically story tellers that convey the story of the brand with graphic design,but also keeping in mind to always stay up to date and fresh every single time.
we live in a very digitalised world, i love to mix traditional hand-made graphic illustrations, sketches and typography together with digital design.

For the future, what are your professional projects

Nadav: we keep working with many local Israeli companies, but also with some new international brands in Europe, Australia and Africa.
most of the studio’s projects are food related: we are working with many restaurants, coffee chains, wineries, boutique bakeries and dairies but also with some of the largest Food Manufacturers in Israel. for the future we have various projects ahead such as a toy brand, a bank and law firms.


What do you like the most in your job ?

Michal: being creative and connecting with our clients, there’s nothing like getting to know our clients and creating both professional and personal relationships. besides that, each project is a whole new world – we learn something new everyday in doing what we do.
Nadav: i love Rebranding, taking old packagings brands and reshaping them into a contemporary look, we have a lot of responsibility to how the Israeli “shelfs”  looks like, and i love the fact that with each project we are making it a bit better.

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