April 23, 2018

Max Lippolis

Discover the interview of Max Lippolis.

How did you become designer ?

From a very young age I loved all about the arts, so it was natural. All my life I have been drawing and making designs and now I am doing that as professional.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

It’s not that easy to describe my design style. Every time I find something new and transfer it on each project. Especially I try to be as versatile as possible, finding the perfect balance between content and style to create unique and functional message. I love to experiment different techniques because I think its the only way to improve yourself.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

I worked as a art and graphic designer for various advertising agencies increasing my professional skills for twenty years. In the future I hope to start my own graphic design studio.

What do you like the most in your job ?

I love design because you can feel free and it’s never the same. It’s absolutely exciting when my design idea become real, translated into a big variety of formats, both digital and material.
I dare say: “Love what you do and don’t forget to keep a Pantone book”.




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