June 6, 2022

Grace Perdana Mulia

Discover the interview of Grace Perdana Mulia:

How did you become designer?

When I was in high school, I did my first ever design project which is to design a t-shirt for our educational trip to Bali. I remember how I truly enjoy being creative and able to produce something. It led me to study design communication at Lasalle College of The Arts in Singapore. But it was not until graduated during the pandemic that I decided to create my design account and post my works there, it began my career as a designer and the rest is history.

How would you define your vision of design, your style? 

Graphic design is all about communication and making visions come true. When I work with clients on their design enquiries, either a branding, illustration or a motion graphic, I always imagine myself in their footsteps, if I were a chef, what I would want for my branding and if a children’s apparel brand wants an illustration, what would the children like. For my style, I would define it as bold, playful and fun!

For the future, what are your professional projects?

I’ve spent most of my time designing brands for various industries, from makeup brands, children’s apparel, healthcare, non-profit organization and many more! I hope to expand into a creative studio and bring more people in so that we can work and collaborate together because of one common goal; to make people’s visions come true. Also, I hope to work with larger brands as well as working with start-ups.

What do you like the most in your job?

I like to think of myself as the actor, my clients as the director/producer, and the brief as the script. It’s my job to make the client’s vision come true with my set of skills. This is the part that makes me enjoy my job by being the “actor”, I get to immerse myself as them so that I understand the story of the brand and how to produce the results they want. For example, when I am working with a healthcare company, I like to think of myself as a doctor or nurse.