June 12, 2017

David Matos

Discover the interview of David Matos, located in Berlin – Germany.

How did you become designer?

There was this cool, heavily art-oriented high-school in Porto (Soares dos Reis, after the sculptor) where I had some good friends and wanted to attend. I enjoyed drawing and was reasonably good at it, so it seemed a good first choice. I had no idea what design was all about of course, but that’s how it started.

How would you define your vision of design, your style?

Hm… A blurred vision maybe. I like to play with basic design rules/visual codes and common sense, but I think that a slightly out of focus message often communicates more effectively, as it leaves some creative space to the viewer. I always begin by building a recognisable (or acceptable) composition or system. Then, when everything is conservative enough, I start to carefully distort the whole, either by simply moving things out of place or by adding disruptive elements to it —I’ve once defined this as a handmade digital deconstruction process.

For the future, what are your professional projects?

I’m proud of being able to make a living as an independent designer while only working with people, institutions, companies and causes that I can relate to —that’s my greatest achievement. Most importantly, I reject working with assholes (let alone working for assholes). This means that I don’t have many clients. So the plan is to get professionally involved with nice people who happen to have a lot of money (please call me).

What do you like the most in your job?

I do think that design —like anything else— can actually make a difference. It can emerge as a true game changer by helping to communicate purpose: you don’t just ‘say’ what the purpose is, right? That’s what I like the most about graphic design.

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