May 6, 2019

Daniela Sendra Baseggio

Discover the interview of Daniela Sendra Baseggio fro DSB Studio in Mendoza, Argentina.

How did you become designer ?

I come from a family of talented and creative people, so from the beginning, art was present. Since I was very young, I had the ability, especially for painting, among others. I did not think at the time that one day I could work on something in order to design.
When I finished my high school studies looking to study, I decided something related. Finally, I chose to study for a degree in Graphic Design, where I currently work as a freelance and teach at the University of Mendoza among other institutes in person and online.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

I believe in design as the correct way to transmit and communicate with a certain audience, I do not have an exact margin to define my style since I like to take different challenges, giving each work a particular style.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

In the coming years I hope to improve my skills, learn more, stimulate my creativity. I hope to strengthen my brand with clients and studios from other countries.

What do you like the most in your job ?

Graphic design is a job that requires a lot of inspiration and attention from the medium to send an effective message, so it is a great challenge when working with a new customer or change of season, it is a motivating and challenging job that It gives a lot of gratification to obtain the final result.

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