September 7, 2020

Carlota Batalha

Discover the interview of Carlota Batalha in Lisbon, Portugal

How did you become designer ?

The way I found out I wanted to be a designer was quite curious, let me tell you.

People say that we are all born with a skill, that time proves to be our great vocation. Since I was a little kid that I’m a creative person, but I never thought of being a designer until it really happened.

Life took many turns until the day I found out my real gift. When I entered the 10th grade, I came across with a teaching method that I, unfortunately (or fortunately) couldn’t relate and especially did not encouraged the students to be themselves.

That year was very different from what I was expecting, but it made me rethink how I wanted my future to be. 

One year later, I decided that it was time to change, but I didn’t knew what my talent was but I was sure no matter what I wanted to find it.
At the same time, I did some research on other schools and I managed to find the right choice. 

I found a school that it was “love at first sight”, so I went to the school for an interview for the Communication and Marketing Course, a very demanding one, in Magestil School.
Today, I couldn’t be prouder of what I achieved, of what I have done and also the little family that I have been with for 3 (really good) years.
I was accepted at Magestil, and by chance, my course had Design disciplines, and it was there that I found my truly vocation, Graphic Design.

With practically zero experience in Photoshop or Illustrator, I started to become more interested about design and I decided to take it a little bit further and learn more by myself to complement what I was learning at the course.
From that moment on, I spent hours in front of my computer, learning the softwares, watching youtube videos, doing online courses, and of course with a big support from my school and especially from my Design teacher, that have always believed in my potential. 

After my first year in Magestil, I had learned more than the basic tools of those softwares, and I felt something different, I started to realize what I was meant to do.

My school always have encouraged the students to be themselves and to become a better person and professional by doing many challenges and competitions, and I used to look at those challenges as a way to learn more and apply what I have learned before.
For some of my colleagues Design was a less interesting class, but for me, it turned into the best hours of my day.

The time passed, and I was challenging myself to be/do more and better. I have always been a very proactive and focused person and that’s why I learned so many things in a small period of time!

My last year on Magestil was THE year. We had the final project where we had to create a company from scratch and develop all the areas.
But before that, I had the opportunity of being a Trainee on a very good Advertising Agency which allowed me to enhance my skills.
I had the opportunity to work with a great team, for national and international brands, on real projects and, and I felt very honored and proud because the agency had put a lot of trust in me and on my job.

The moment as arrived, it was time to show to the “world” my school project idea.
I have always been very upset/concerned about the people in some countries that, unfortunately, can not have access to basic teaching.

So I have decided to create a Design Agency that could integrate and give to those people the opportunity of being creative. 

The truth is, that you don’t need to know how to write or read to be creative, creativity comes from the inside. That’s it, WE ARE ALL CREATIVE. In many different ways.

It was a big project and also the end of a cycle, one of the best cycles in my life.

After those exciting 3 years, I continued my journey by doing a Digital Marketing & Social Media course and many other Graphic Design specializations.

After doing freelance work with many brands, at the beginning of 2019, I decided that was time to start my big project. My own Design Agency.

Earlier this year, 2020, the project finally started to “get in shape”. The agency is coming (really) soon and I couldn’t be prouder!

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

I consider myself a very flexible designer. I easily adapt to any brand or product, which allows me to create according to the projects that I’m working with.
I love working on Branding and packaging projects, it gives me the opportunity to think about all the details. Creating and managing Social Media content and apply different strategies for each one, is also something that I really enjoy.
I define Design as a way to express yourself without talking or even understand what Design is. What I meant with that was that I want my work to reach and touch every single person that watches it.

What do you like the most in your job ?

I could make a thousand words list to answer this, but I can also simplify it.
First of all, working in this area gives you freedom to work with different types of brands, with different missions and values. It allows me to inspire myself and also learn new things about many different areas.
But the things that I value the most are the relationships, the opportunity to know different persons, and different ways to work.
We´re constantly learning.

I (really really) love my job for so many reasons! I believe that when we truly love what we do, everything goes right.