January 18, 2021

Bobby Wells from Brandon

Discover the interview of Bobby Wells from Brandon : https://www.instagram.com/p/CKLhwRqoe_p/

How did you become a designer?

Good question. To be honest, I didn’t really have any big ambitions to become a designer growing up; it kind of snuck up on me unexpectedly. I always had an interest in art and design but it wasn’t until I finished school and started to think about college, that my path led to a life of creativity. It was actually my art teacher that suggested I should apply to a design school so I have him to thank for the journey so far. Eventually, I discovered a passion for branding and packaging and a canvas to express ideas in a variety of different ways. Every project is different and that’s what keeps me inspired. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to work on a variety of different brands, some well known and others closer to home, alongside some incredible designers in the industry. I’ve dabbled in agency life as well as flying freelance and both have led to opportunities and experiences I will always remember. So thanks Mr Parsens, design school was the right call!


How would you define your vision of design, your style?

For me design should be effortlessly simple, beautifully crafted and above all tell a story about a brand. Your story and where you’ve come from are the foundations for everything, it’s what sets you apart from everyone else and makes you unique. But it needs to be based on truth. We live in a world of copycat design where one brand tells the truth and the others bend theirs to follow suit. Consumers know bulls**t when they see it so tell the truth and tell it well – simple.


For the future, what are your professional projects?

I recently joined a team called Brandon in Manchester and I hope to add a few strings to their bow and build on the household name they’ve already set out for themselves. A fantastic agency with a great ambition, but not so big as to take over the world. Design works best when the relationships are small. Too many cooks with an army of spoons will always spoil the broth. I also want to push myself in my own abilities, create something inspiring that truly stands out and sets a bench mark in the industry. I don’t feel I’ve done that yet but it’s on the horizon.


What do you like in your job?

Everything. Learning new things, inspiring my team, working with clients, creating brand stories, building brand legacies and influencing consumer purchase intents. I love the idea that something we create can affect the lives of others without them even knowing it. Design has the power to influence moments and make them memorable, sometimes even unforgettable. For me that’s what’s worth getting up for every morning. It sometimes even keeps me awake at night, but only because there are so many ideas out there waiting to be thought of.