April 4, 2022

Aram Azarian - Indigo Branding Agency

Discover the interview of Aram Azarian from Indigo Branding Agency:

How did you become designer?

As a child, I loved to sketch and ideate. This was one of the reasons to get into something that would integrate my knowledge, passion, and hobby. I used to draw as a child and when looking back at my drawings now, I realize that I skimmed things from entirely different angles and had an interesting approach to drawing. I was admitted to the University of Economics, but the design was closer to my heart. My professional side chose economics, but the emotional side chose the design. Design was a dream, and along with my professional education, I started learning design. I was self-taught, entirely by myself educating and learning about design. Later, I took more professional courses.

How would you define your vision of design, your style? 

As founder and art director of a branding agency, I think that I should not be limited to one style and my task as a designer is to solve business problems that lead to sales, lead to recognition and success, and do not have a single recipe. Therefore I do not consider it right to stick to one style. I do not restrain myself in one style, and my team and I solve the problems according to the situation and based on the occurrence of the problem. My style is my flexibility and adaptability by giving a solution to a problem and not dictating a solution.

For the future, what are your professional projects?

Entering a more intensive international market. At the moment we have projects from different parts of the world: the US, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Russia, Portugal, Austria, etc. The list is long, but our goal is to expand it. In terms of design, there is a project that will hopefully be implemented. It is a large-scale project representing Armenia. Hence, it is a great honor for our branding agency, as we will represent a country instead of a product or service. We will be branding the Opera and Ballet Theater of Armenia.

What do you like the most in your job?

Infinite freedom. This freedom is the result of the fact that you never get tired of your work because there is always a place to create and bring something new to life. The second point that inspires me a lot is the success of my colleagues. The final meaning and evaluation of my work lie in the success of my partners.