December 7, 2020

Andrea Del Prete

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 How did you become designer ?Being a designer is a path of sacrifice and devotion, almost a mystical and religious path.

If I have to indicate a how, where and when I became a designer, the first memory that connects me to the designer’s profession dates back to the first sand castle.

Create and let external sources change and enrich the project. Then carefully choose the right distance from the sea, where the sand is neither too dry nor too wet, define how many towers the castle should have, carefully dig the moat and connect it to the water.

And finally decorate the castle with shells and seagull feathers. Finish as all began, with the first passerby who, unaware of time and your sacrifice, tramples on and gives the sand towers back their natural shape.

Being a designer means being aware of the beginning and the end of things, and of this cycle that repeats itself endlessly.

 How would you define your vision of design, your style?

I answer you by asking to me another question: What does it mean to communicate?

Being transversal and adaptive, customizing the same message to many channels by leaving unchanged its content.

My research focuses on finding the right balance between digital art and material sign, with an active and curious look towards future trends.

 For the future, what are your professional projects ?

Continue to delve into every area of design, so that the boundaries between the various areas that make up our profession are more blurred.

 What do you like the most in your job?

I am lucky not to know exactly who and what the next client who will enter my office will want to realize.