November 15, 2021

Amy Quickfall

Discover the interview with Amy Quickfall :

How did you become designer ?

I was always creative from a young age, and followed the path through school and into university where I studied Fashion Marketing at Northumbria University. The course was focused on creating brands for fashion, with an option of creating clothing or a concept publication, and I really got into graphic design by creating a publication. As the course had a marketing aspect, all concepts needed to fill a gap within an identified market and solve a problem, which was my first introduction to branding with purpose. I was offered a 1 year placement in London with a Menswear fashion consultancy, and have been in the field of design ever since, undertaking pistiojs that blend branding and fashion.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ? 

When working for other companies, it’s quite hard to find your own style however since opening the studio my style has really developed into something playful, with a lot of fun illustration and typography, often with a tropical twist. It’s hard to avoid it when you’re surrounded by blue seas and palm trees, and colours used are often vibrant and pastel. I find it hard to design anything too serious, and love to tie in the aspect of copywriting to deliver something unique that is a little tongue in cheek. People like humour and find it easy to connect with brands when they can connect on that level.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

We spend so much time creating brands for our clients, and with my background in fashion, I want to launch our own clothing brand to be sold in Sri Lanka and overseas. I also want to expand the studio to take on more projects in Europe and UK to have a more international reach. Project wise, we have been working with a large tea brand for the past year and are excited for the launch of a new product range, as well as working with several new hotels due to be built that will open in 2022-2023.

What do you like the most in your job ?

I love solving problems, and consdiering carefully how we can solve the issues our clients are facing through strategic decisions and design. I also love the variety that working on several projects at once provides, and never knowing what project might be next. It’s also great to work with a team of designers, and have a collaborative approach when it comes to designs. Everyone has their strengths an it’s important to utiise those.

You can find out more on his website : www.studioniceone.com