April 12, 2021

Alex Ostroff

Discover the interview of Alex Ostroff, founder / creative director at Saint-Urbain :

How did you become a designer?
I took a class in college for fun. I was a terrible artist with my hands, all my life (or at least I think so). I always had good ideas, but I was bad at doodling and drawing.
When I was taught illustrator though, it all sort of clicked. I was really good at computers and I found a way to communicate the things I wanted to.


How would you define your design vision, your style?
I’d say my work is often ripe with personality and fun. I’ve done lots of projects with minimalism and it’s cool and everything, but I really like to tell stories with my work. I studied film in school as a major and always liked more obvious expressions.
I use lots of vintage inspirations too, as I find those are often the best, but it all depends on the client.
Ultimately, I want my clients to be happy and I want the brands I make to really communicate.

For the future, what are your professional projects?
We have lots of interesting projects on the horizon. Lots of restaurants and CPG (consumer package goods) projects, but expanding into lots of new territories, like cannabis, wellness, and film/entertainment.

What do you like the most in your job ?
I like telling original stories that haven’t been told yet, both through a strategy perspective, as well as design. It’s always a great feeling to create something that’s true and reflects the clients vision, while also being surprising and totally fun.

You can discover him on Instagram : sainturbain