August 5, 2019

Alejandro Gavancho

Discover the interview of Alejandro Gavancho in Lima, Perú.

How did you become designer ?

I have always appreciated visual and auditory things, since I was young, when I was still at school I realised that art can transmit a lot, be it a poster, a good packaging design, a song, a good use of architecture. So, I decided to study graphic design because I wanted to help people to make their ideas a reality, to be able to transmit what they had in mind in to something real and tangible. Another important factor that I believe in, and that I still have in mind every day, is that all designers can contribute something valuable to create beauty and order in the middle of all the chaos of a city. Despite all the visual pollution, good design helps to make run-of-the-mill streets and public spaces into something worth looking at.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

I define my style as versatile, I think I can adapt very well to each project. I grew up in a working-class zone in Lima and after a lot of work and effort, I am now able to live in a better area of the city and I can travel around the world, I think that helped me a lot to see different socioeconomic realities, to enrich myself with a visual culture from both sides and finally transmit it through design. However, I believe that over the years, I have acquired something of my own style, such as care for typography and work by hand, I try to include something that feels more personal in each of my projects, handmade, whether it be in graphic executions, such as collage, graphic elements made from scratch, by hand or giving an extra function to the graphic pieces that I develop, for example if I make a box, I always like that the box is sufficiently impressive to want to keep it and use it again, be it for the design, or the unique shape.

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

I am currently working on some brands, mainly branding, I am in the production stage of the graphic pieces to be able to show them in my portfolio. In the future I see myself doing the same, branding, I like to work as a freelancer with young people like me, who are starting to create their own businesses, entrepreneurs and small companies are usually what give me the freedom to suggest and come up with innovative ideas and be risky. My goal is that in a few years I can have my own graphic studio and work with more people, learn from each other, keep learning about design but to not lose sight of where I came from and my way of working because in the end, that is what makes me stand out from so many designers.

What do you like the most in your job ?

What I like the most about being a designer is that you are constantly getting to know new people, new places, new clients and you are learning more about different areas depending on the type of project you do. It makes me happy when a client is happy, when I have finished a project and I see printed graphic pieces, what was digital becomes real and then I see my work on different platforms. Something that I value a lot in my job is that as a freelance worker I can work from anywhere, I can go on vacation with my computer anywhere in the world and still continue working and manage my time as best suits me.

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