July 27, 2020

Aga Kubiszewska-Krawczyk

Discover the interview of Aga Kubiszewska-Krawczyk in Nailsea, United Kingdom

How did you become designer ?

Well…. first I was an artist. From an early age I was drawing, initially on my own socks and walls, later with pencils on a paper…

I loved that and I still love. I always lave a beautiful things also, with pretty pattern or texture. I though I could make something ike that by myself!

I start with notebooks few years ago, I’ve made them by myself: covers, sewing, design. 2 years ago I moved to United Kingdom and I focused on graphic design, illustrations and art.

I have art gallery in Glastonbury Heart of the Tribe represent my art. I discover pattern designs also! It is amazing adventure because it mix art, illustration and design in one product.

I design wallpapers and fabrics.

How would you define your vision of design, your style ?

My style is very vintage. I love old buildings, trees, staff, books… I could live in antique shop 😉

England is full of inspirations for me, from victorian houses, nature and landcapes and history. My fauvorite artist which inspires me most is Albrecht Durer, my staly is very similar to old engravings and woodcuts.

I love lines and dots and those all details…

For the future, what are your professional projects ?

Nowadays I’m drawing illustrations for two books, in old engraving style of course. I have commissions for illustrations for web designs also and graphics for labels.

I’m goint to finish my own colouring book with sea monster and botanical illustration in this year also.

What do you like the most in your job ?

My job is my passion. I love to create! I worked for that for many years, the drawing was my dream to do in my proffesional life. I’m lucky I’m doing this. I am a mother of 3 also, so it is not easy to reconcile these two roles. My kids are 12, 4, 2 years old. Two of them are at home with me jet.

I do it thanks to my supporting husband.