April 22, 2022

Parametro Studio

Joyville is a chocolate brand for high nutritional and organic chocolate products using artisan mexican cacao targeted for kids and families. Our main inspiration was all around the joy of having a good chocolate bar, so we came up with the name “Joyville”
The actual name tells a story, so we created this happy imaginative characters all living in a perfect world surrounded by chocolate, along side with copy lines that embrace the values of the brand. Every chocolate bar is made with organic ingredients from bean to bar, free of any type of preservative, refined sugar and any other product that “dilutes” the quality or reduces the natural benefits of cocoa, so we wanted to stand out from the all natural packaging with a twist of fun elements and colorful patterns. We definitely enJOY the creative process of this brand.

Designer : Parametro Studio

Location : NYC – Paris – Mexico

Project : JOYVILLE