May 12, 2022

Corn Studio

The challenge: Canna Chocolade is a conceptual chocolate brand that produces milk chocolates made with cannabutter (cannabis butter). Each chocolate is made with cannabutter from a different haze variety and has unique effects. For example, if you eat the Blackberry haze chocolate, you will feel very happy and uplifted! If you want to feel euphoric then you should try Purple haze, and so on. Of course, this is a self-initiated concept project, but we would really like it to be real!

The concept: We designed the identity and packaging for four different flavors. To distinguish them from any other chocolate, we gave them a geometric look & feel, but also a more psychedelic character because of their special ingredient. Each chocolate has its own name and a symbol drawn from its initial letters. For example, Green Haze is “Gh”, all inspired by the periodic table.

Designer : Corn Studio

Location : Athens, Greece

Project : Canna Chocolade