April 14, 2022

Alejandro Gavancho

Machiyenga is a bean-to-bar chocolate from Cuzco, Peru. The name stems from Machiguenga, an indigenous community whose ancestors inhabited the western part of Cusco, known as Antisuyo during the Incan empire. The Machiguenga used Chuncho cacao as a fruit and as a commercial product, a practise that continues to this day. This very same Chuncho cacao is what Machiyenga chocolate uses to create its bars.
The goal was to create a brand that is premium yet native. As the chocolate was going to be sold mainly in Cuzco and its target audience, tourists, it was important that the brand identity and packaging felt Peruvian, but without falling into the cliché of traditional Peurvian imagery

Designer : Alejandro Gavancho

Location : Leeds, UK

Project : Machiyenga Tree to Bar