November 3, 2022

Mellow & Banana

The beer market in Colombia is dominated by large mass consumption companies that are making the category increasingly complex. Craft beer brands tend to focus primarily on beer geeks using visual and verbal codes that instead of being perceived as innovative, are monotonous, saturated, and repetitive. Most brands assume that everyone who consumes craft beer knows the product and its techniques.

Birrería Macha: an independent and modern beer brand that moves away from the typical craft category to focus on the more casual and not expert beer drinkers (which represent the biggest part of the market). Macha is a brand that rescues what is truly important in a beer. With Birrería Macha I realize that the most essential part of life resides in the simple things, moments, and unpretentious beers like a Helles or a Pils.

We find that consumers increasingly connect with brands that simplify life with a limited product offering. This is precisely what Macha offers. A brand that doesn’t talk about beer, it talks about “birra” for everyone.

Designer : Mellow & Banana

Location : Bogotá, Colombia

Project : Birrería Macha