February 22, 2024

Tony Musso

As the packaging and bottle designer for Keratin Revolution, a leading hair care brand known for its Keratin treatments, I’m thrilled to share my contribution towards rejuvenating their product line. Keratin Revolution stands out for its commitment to quality, offering nourishing solutions for all hair types.

Project Highlights:
The project embarked on a mission to refresh the brand for 2023/2024, which included designing a bespoke bottle to encapsulate the essence of innovation and quality. My role involved not only revamping the visual appeal of their products but also enhancing the brand identity to stand out in the competitive market.

Design Philosophy:
The design strategy focused on modern, sleek aesthetics that reflect Keratin Revolution’s expertise. Emphasizing high-quality ingredients, cruelty-free formulations, and a customer-centric approach, the new design aligns with the brand’s values and market position.

This collaboration has been a journey of creativity and innovation, positioning Keratin Revolution as a trendsetter in hair care. Working alongside their passionate team, I’m proud to have contributed to a brand that values both excellence in product quality and consumer education.

My experience with Keratin Revolution has been a fulfilling chapter in my career as a packaging and bottle designer, marking a significant milestone in blending form with function for a brand refresh that resonates with today’s consumers.

Designer : Tony Musso

Location : London, United Kingdom

Project : Brand & Bottle Design Keratin Revolution Haircare

Client : Keratin Revolution