April 2, 2024

The Other Hand

When a local butcher’s shop embarked on a new venture into the realm of raw pet food, they sought a partner to uphold the integrity of their established brand while venturing into unfamiliar territory. Recognising the importance of maintaining their roots in butchery, they turned to us for assistance. Our task was clear: craft a brand identity that seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, ensuring that their new endeavour resonated with both loyal patrons and furry companions alike.

Drawing upon our expertise in branding and marketing, we meticulously developed a cohesive strategy that honoured the butcher’s shop’s heritage while breathing new life into their pet food venture. Through a careful balance of recognisability and tradition, we crafted a brand identity that evoked a sense of trust and authenticity. From designing eye-catching packaging to implementing targeted marketing initiatives, we worked hand-in-hand with the butcher’s shop to bring their vision to fruition, ensuring that every aspect of their new endeavour reflected the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with their esteemed name.

In the end, our collaboration resulted in a brand that not only paid homage to the butcher’s shop’s storied history but also positioned them as pioneers in the burgeoning raw pet food market. With a brand identity firmly rooted in tradition yet poised for the future, the butcher’s shop successfully embarked on this new chapter, captivating both loyal customers and their four-legged companions with products that embodied the same dedication to quality and excellence that had defined their butcher’s shop for generations.

Designer : The Other Hand

Location : Sheffield, UK

Project : Raw Pet Store

Client : Raw Pet Store