June 24, 2024

Studio Six F

Vamshi Farms, an esteemed organic food brand based in India, sought to establish a robust global presence and enhance its online retail appeal. Dedicated to premium-quality organic products crafted with traditional methods, Vamshi Farms aimed to align
its identity of excellence and authenticity with functional, versatile design formats. Collaborating closely with the client, we developed a portrait logo and meticulously designed a high-end ghee label, incorporating gold foiling for a luxurious finish. Our comprehensive branding and packaging solution, including a distinctive logo system, embodies the founder’s vision and dedication. The result is a unique brand image that resonates widely, elevating Vamshi Farms’ presence and consumer appeal globally.

Designer : Studio Six F

Location : Delhi, India

Project : Vamshi Farms Branding & Packaging

Client : Vamshi Patel