March 17, 2024

Simon Pendry Creative

Simon Pendry Creative were asked to rebrand MR Pick Me Up. The previous branding had become tired, unclear on the message, and also irrelevant to the new owners of the business. It was time for a positive change.

MR Pick Me Up is a private wine tour and driver service, operating in the beautiful Margaret River region. They plan bespoke wine tours tailored to your needs, so you can simply relax and enjoy yourself… MR Pick me up pride themselves on you ending your tour with a smile on your face.

THE BRIEF: MR Pick Me Up wanted to redesign their brand to elevate people’s perceptions of their service, clearly communicate their speciality of wine tours, and also express their friendly personality… the world of wine can sometimes take itself too seriously!

THE OPPORTUNITY: The key was to balance professionalism and expertise, with a friendly personality. Clarity of the actual key service MR Pick Me Up deliver, wine tours, was paramount. The logo combines a chauffeurs hat to denote the driver service element, a wine glass to suggest the nature of the tours, and the smile of the wine itself communicates their friendly approach. Cheers!

Designer : Simon Pendry Creative

Location : Australia

Project : ‘MR Pick Me Up’ wine tours rebrand.

Client : Mr Pick Me UP